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About Therapy

"Therapy is a journey..."

I seldom recommend that clients commit to a certain amount of sessions before hand. That would be disrespectful towards your unique pace of emotional integration and therapeutic needs. I aim to address issues as quickly and effectively as possible. 

We re-evaluate and discuss your realisations and experiences after each session, and explore together what the next step would be.   

Therapy is a journey. Circumstance and challenge often hide our unique strengths from us. Through conversation, self exploration and continuous attempts to find creative ways to live your preferred life story, it is possible to experience a rediscovery of ability and the unlocking of potential. 

Fees and Payment

My practice is contracted to most medical aids and fees are charged according to standard medical aid rates. If you want us to claim directly from your medial aid, kindly make sure that you have sufficient funds available before you arrive for your session. 

Discount for cash payments is available to private clients. Fees are payable immediately after each consultation, without exception.

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy, so if appointments are not cancelled 24 hours before hand, the full tariff will unfortunately be charged.